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    Les presento al Amsu . * w *

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  7. Making Of Paola Guilherme

  8. Gustavo Paola


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    gf: Come over

    me: i can’t i’m skiing

    gf: I have dog treats

    me: image

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    Done by Chris @ Silver Needles, Southend, UK Instagram @bintt

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    One of my biggest insecurities is my stretch marks. After I had my son I was covered in them. It’s been over two years and the deep gashes have made no progress on disappearing.

    So in an attempt to try to not hate them (and myself) as much, here they are.

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    Lenticular clouds over Mount Fuji, Japan. These are stationary lens-shaped clouds that form at high altitudes, usually perpendicular to the direction of the wind.

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    How To Disappear Completely

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